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How to Get Online Ordering Set up Quickly

After you sign up, getting setup for no commission online ordering is surprisingly easy with Food Order Pro.

Online Ordering Dashboard

Step 1

Set Up your Restaurant Profile

The first step is entering in your basic restaurant info, dragging the restaurant location on the map, adding your opening hours, setting your tax rate and that’s about it. There are way more features to play with, but these basics will get you started.

Online Ordering Dashboard
online ordering set up menu

Step 2

Create your own restaurant menu online easily

As part of the set up, you will choose the style of food you serve, enter in the different categories, and then the food items in each category as well as the options. Each category and food item can also have its own picture. The user interface, just like the set up is intuative and easy to use.

Step 3

Install the new order taking app

Every time an order is placed, you will get a notification on either the smart phone or tablet you have set up the order taking app. You will then have 3 minutes to either accept or reject an order. Installing and confirming the app should take less than 1 minutes!
online ordering app
online ordering facebook

Step 4

Add the online ordering button to your facebook page.

Add the ordering button to your restaurant’s facebook profile to accept orders directly from your social media. Take it even further and have us help you add your ordering button to your Instagram, Google Business Page, and any other social profile you can think of.

Step 5

Add your Ordering Link to your website

We can add your order system to your website at no charge. If you don’t have a website or aren’t happy with your current website, we are restaurant website pros and can help you or your tech team build a better one.

Online Ordering Dashboard
Online Order Promotions

Take It further

Take advantage of all the included features

So many features to list, but here are just few of the included features you will want to take advantage of:
  • Online Credit Card Processing to have customers pre-pay.
  • Thermal Printer Integration to optimize your workflow.
  • Setup a Promotion to incentivize and excite customers to order direct from you.
  • Custom Receipts to give additional promotion for re-peat customers

Restaurant Consulting and Marketing Services

What Else Can We Do For You?

Website Builder

A good website starts with a good platform. The Food Order Pro websites are built on StoreGear website platform and are fine tuned to load fast as well as have options to add schema data to help with your google ranking.

"White Glove" Website Design

While our website is built for performance, it can also be helpful and save you time to have one of our experts set things up for you, help you with your design, do an ADA review, do SEO localization, and fine tune the website for performance.

Social Profile Creation

Setting up your social profiles takes time as well as some expertise to properly set up your logos, background headers, effective keywords in your description. In the event you don’t have the time to do this work, we offer this service.

Social Profile Management

A healthy profile needs to be constantly nurtured to stay alive. Additionally, after a profile is set up, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest features available to the profile. We keep to date with the latest features and can help with content.

Online Restaurant Coaching

If you are  on a limited budget, knowing where to focus and prioritize your efforts is crucial. We can coach you on what you should initially start out doing to get the most bang for your buck.

Social Profile Review Management

Social proof is a critical marketing technique: when people see other people trust your food, they will be more likely to order. Constantly monitoring and responding is critical to your audience seeing that you care about your customers., 

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